EAFM Annual Report 2014 out!

January 2015 – Find out more about us in our 2014 Annual Report, enjoy!

New EAFM Twitter and LinkedIn page


January 2015 – To begin 2015, EAFM has increased its presence on social networks. Follow us now on LinkedIn and Twitter!


Jacques Bonifay and Piet Spiessens re-elected as Chair and Vice-Chair of EAFM


December 2014 – The EAFM is happy to announce its members have re-elected the current EAFM Chair Jacques Bonifay (CEO, Transatel) and Vice-Chair Piet Spiessens (VP Liberty Global) for a new mandate in their respective position for 2015. We look forward to working with them this year!

Jacques Bonifay

Vice Chair
Piet Spiessens
Liberty Global



EAFM discusses future of models of roaming at BEREC Stakeholder Forum


October 2014 – The European Association of full-MVNOs was invited to speak in the second Stakeholder Forum organised by the BEREC. Jacques Bonifay, Chair of EAFM, defended the view of full-MVNOs on international roaming by stressing the need for effective wholesale regulation. 

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) stakeholder forum that took place on Thursday 16th of October in Brussels aimed at strengthening the dialogue between BEREC and the relevant stakeholders but also to support the consultation process on BEREC’s strategy for 2015-2017, its work programme for 2015 and its preliminary findings on “Roam-like-at-Home”. The forum gathered amongst others high-level representatives of stakeholder associations at European level, National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and the European Commission.

In the session on the “Future models of Roaming”, the Chair of EAFM expressed the views of full-MVNOs on international roaming and noted the importance of MVNOs for competition. He welcomed the policy objectives of the European Commission to abolish retail roaming charges but he warned on the need to ensure it does not damage competition, lead to the exclusion of MVNOs or act against the wider interests of mobile users. In particular, he stressed for a proper revision of wholesale roaming legislation in Europe. “It would not be acceptable to introduce roam-like-at-home (RLAH) without modifying wholesale regulation. MVNOs have no bargaining power concerning wholesale roaming rates and rely on effective wholesale regulation.” Such rates varied considerably across Europe, which gives rise to a practical problem. “In the absence of such wholesale reforms, MVNOs would be forced to withdraw from offering roaming services. In some countries where roaming was particularly important, this could even imply withdrawal from the market.” EAFM shares the BEREC analysis that RLAH should be an economically viable option for all providers, should not give rise to significant re-balancing of tariffs for domestic services and that wholesale reforms should be introduced sufficiently in advance of RLAH (at least 6 months in advance).

EAFM’s presentation can be found here.

EAFM welcomes Cyta Hellas as a new member 


September 2014 – EAFM, the European Association of Full-MVNOs is pleased to announce Cyta Hellas as its newest and first Greek member. In July 2014, Cyta Hellas entered the Greek mobile market, being its first Full-MVNO. As a result of this development, Cyta Hellas, is the only one among all operators in the country to provide quadruple-play bundles (Fixed, Mobile, Internet and IPTV).

Cyta in Greece inherits of a unique 50 years of experience in telecommunications through the Mother Company, the leading integrated telecommunications operator in Cyprus. It has started commercial operations in Greece in October 2008. Being the latest entrant in an already mature telecommunications market, the company has implemented differentiation strategies as a means to facilitate growth and development. After almost 6 years of commercial presence in Greece, Cyta Hellas has consolidated its position as being a pioneer and a significant investor and job creator in the market. Showing the highest rate of market growth, today, the company has 10% market share in the fixed/broadband market. With its privately-owned next generation fiber optic network of more than 5000 km in length Cyta Hellas covers over 70% of the country’s population and offers a full range of telecommunications services (fixed telephony, mobile, internet, data, connectivity, cloud, RCS and value added services) to residential customers and businesses.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of the EAFM states: “we are very happy to welcome a new member from southern Europe within EAFM. This will strengthen our association. We believe that technologies and services brought by full-MVNOs will be beneficial to the further development of innovation in Greece.”

Cyta Hellas is EAFM’s tenth member, alongside EI Telecom, Intercity Zakelijk, Liberty Global, OMEA Telecom / Virgin Mobile, Voiceworks, Teleena, Telenet, Transatel and Truphone. EAFM has the goal to create a more openly accessible market for Full MVNOs, in order to contribute to the growth of the fast-moving mobile sector and to ensure that consumers and businesses have a range of diversified and innovative services to choose from.


EAFM endorsed and attended the Mobile Roaming World Summit 2014


12-14 May – More information can be found about the event here.


End of Roaming? Also the end of mobile market competition?


March 2014 – In recent weeks, European Commission officials and Members of the European Parliament have announced the end of mobile roaming tariffs for consumers in the European Union.The key Committee in the European Parliament will vote on it next week.

Today a coalition gathering 15 pro-competitive mobile operators serving over 43 million EU users warns on the damaging effects that the proposed text could have on the European telecoms market. This coalition – uniquely among telecoms industry participants – fully shares the goal to abolish mobile roaming tariffs for users in the European Union. However the latest version of the text proposed by the European Parliament prevents pro-competitive operators from offering attractive ‘roam-like-at-home’ packages to consumers across Europe and entails major risks of distorting the market in favour of the largest mobile operators/groups. Should the text be approved in its current form, it is likely to lead to the disappearance of dynamic smaller players who serve as a force for competition and who are committed to deliver ‘roam-like-at-home’ packages to all European consumers.  

The current text foresees the end of retail mobile roaming surcharges in the EU by 15 December 2015. A coalition of pro-competitive mobile network operators and virtual mobile operators (H3G, Bite, Free, Fastweb, CoopItalia, PosteMobile and the European Association of Full-MVNOs) is extremely concerned that the text only focuses on the end of ‘retail’ roaming prices without ensuring revision of the corresponding regulated ‘wholesale’ roaming caps (the maximum prices an operator has to pay to the visited network operator when its users are roaming abroad).

Successive waves of European regulation have lowered the level of wholesale roaming caps, and it is widely agreed that wholesale roaming caps serve to stimulate lower retail prices.  Without any further reduction of wholesale caps, it will be economically impossible for operators to offer ‘roam-like-at-home’ (bundles aiming at offering roaming at the same retail price as domestic services) services across the European Union, instead having to rely on overpriced wholesale roaming charges from large mobile operators.

The members of the coalition are also concerned about an insertion at the initiative of the European Commission referring to “other arrangements to address wholesale market problems”.  This could be used as a Trojan horse for the European Commission to accept or promote roaming alliances between large operators (potentially anti-competitive and harmful to smaller players), or to postpone a review of the level of the wholesale roaming caps which Parliament requires by mid-2015. The consequence of such wording would be to distort the market in favour of the largest mobile operators/groups, undermining the ability of competitive operators to compete equally in the market by offering ‘roam-like-at-home’ packages.

The coalition believes that the current text could adversely affect competition in the European telecoms market as it could restrict market players’ ability to compete in the market. As such, we believe, the European Parliament is at risk of missing an opportunity to effectively abolish roaming in the European Union by ensuring more competition.  The approach also entails risks that domestic tariffs for European consumers will increase (roaming might not be subject to surcharges anymore, but the overall level of tariffs would increase, and non-roaming customers might effectively foot the bill for roaming customers).

The ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) Committee of the European Parliament is expected to vote on the 18th of March, followed by a plenary vote on the 3rd of April.

In summary the coalition:

  1. Is NOT against the abolition of retail roaming tariffs
  2. But wholesale tariffs should also be reviewed and further reduced
  3. Current proposals of the European Parliament regarding this topic constitute a real danger to push our coalition members out of the market

Roaming coalition: covers over 43 million users across Europe and represents EAFM members (including Liberty Global (incl. ao. VirginMedia UK), EI Telecom, Intercity Zakelijk, Teleena, Telenet, Transatel, Omea Telecom/VirginMobile and Voiceworks), three Italian MVNOs CoopItalia, FastWeb and PosteMobile but also pro-competitive MNOs such as Free (FR), H3G (IT, UK, AT, IE, SE, DK),Bite Lithuania and Bite Latvia.


EAFM welcomes Voiceworks as its newest member


March 2014 – Voiceworks is a leading Full MVNO for the business market in the Netherlands, providing innovative mobile, fixed and fixed-mobile convergence solutions. With over 10 years of experience Voiceworks is the only provider with an in-house developed web based communications suite, VoIP cloud offering and Full MVNO mobile network – all integrated in one solution. Voiceworks distinguishes itself in the market by delivering added value on its services that result in to unprecedented opportunities for growth for the 160 affiliated partners.

Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel and re-elected chair of EAFM, states that “ EAFM is happy to welcome Voiceworks as a new member. This will further reinforce the weight of the Full MVNOs in Europe when EAFM is discussing with the European institutions.”


Participation in the European Competition Forum 2014


Jacques Bonifay – EAFM Chair, Reinhilde Veugelers – Senior fellow Bruegel think-tank,  Massimo Motta – Chief Economist DG Comp,  MEP Catherine Trautmann, Timotheus Höttges -  CEO Deutsche Telekom  © European Union

On 11 February 2014, during the 2014 Competition Forum in Brussels, Jacques Bonifay participated in the panel alongside on Telecoms which looked at the wider debate about the single market for telecommunications and the – real or imagined? – conflict between low prices and long-term investment needs. Jacques explained how he does business in several European countries but finds further expansion difficult due to national differences. “Taxes are not the same. The rules of the games are not the same. It is difficult to strike deals in all countries”.

Jacques’ intervention can be accessed here


EAFM endorsed and attended the Mobile Roaming World Summit 2013


12-13 November 2013 – More information can be found about the event here.


EAFM attends the ‘Public hearing on EU mobile roaming system


23 October 2013 - EAFM’s chair, Jacques Bonifay, recently spoke at the European Economic Social Committee’s talk, ‘Public hearing on EU mobile roaming system’.

Our position is that it is important to understand that if roaming charges were abolished on the retail market, consumer benefit will result only if roaming charges are also abolished or are drastically reduced on the wholesale market. Jacques’ full statement can be read here.


EESC online consultation on mobile roaming system in the EU


September 2013 – EAFM replied to the European Economic and Social Committee online consultation on the future of roaming in Europe.